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Inspired by the centenary tradition of the island famous vineyards and artisan fortified wines, this hotel tells you a story about soil, pebbles, rain, sunshine and shadows all in perfect balance, just like an exceptional wine.

Inside, like in a bottle of wine, you will experience the richness of a deep purple, velvety wine, full of body, strong in character, where flavours and subtle notes are to be discovered by you slowly as if you were drinking it. A blend of international mastery and local knowledge are well expressed in the building architecture by Ricardo Bofill and João Francisco Caires, creatively "bottled" by the local interior designer Nini Andrade Silva.

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Hotel Description

Designed for relaxation, the ambiances evoke the secrecy and mystery of the wine cellars. Each floor is inspired in a season representing the different stages of the grape growth, from the fresh greens of Spring, the lustiness of Summer and Autumn and the melancholic stillness of Winter.

Eating here becomes a ritual of joy, comfort and pleasure to the body and soul. As in wine, food at The Vine is meant to appeal to all your senses and to be tasted from the right "type of glass" according to the time of the day, your mood and even the weather throughout the year.

Concealed under layers of soil, mother Earth's womb is a temple of silence and contemplation that every day delivers the miracle of life. So it is at our Spa, conceived to offer you a sensorial voyage to the very beginning, just before Creation. TheraVine is one of the most prestigious brands of vinetherapy, with its origins in Stellenbosch, the famous vineyards of South Africa. We use natural extracts from famous grape varieties such as Merlot, Chardonnay and Cabernet.

Rediscover yourself; wine is not just for drinking...

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Address: Rua das Aranhas 27, Funchal, Portugal , 9000-044
Tel: (+351) 291 009 000

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