The Unlimited Landscape of Madeira Archipelago’s Beauty
Madeira constitutes one of the most popular resorts on earth, making up the absolutely atmospheric scenery for all types of travelers. The namesake island is full of excursions for you to out, while all the autonomous region of Madeira, including the rest of the islands, can surely offer some memorable moments of relaxation and snugness.

Perhaps the number one option is to stay in Funchal, the capitol of the island, for one or two days. Funchal has a sense of Portugal, mixed with marine culture, which relocates you in another era. The architecture and the town planning will enslave you, combining classic buildings with modern structures, such as the international airport, which is built on a bridge. A walk on the bay will definitely indemnify your selection to spend some time there, while a ride on the Monte Cable Car shall offer you a panoramic view of the city that can not be glut. When you have enough of the capitol, you are kindly request to proceed to other parts of the island, such as Caniçanal, an imposing rocky cape located on the most eastern point of the island or the hill where the Miradouro do Cristo Rei do Garajau is located (a statue based on Rio de Janeiro Staue of Christ). You also may approach Porto Moniz, a romantic village in the in the northwest corner or Madeira’s highlands which also have their own beauty. Curral das Freiras is a characteristic sample of the mountainous landscape, located in a basin in the middle of the island. Furthermore, there are some alternative options to escape from the island, taking a cruise to the other islands of the archipelago. Porto Santo is an ideal excursion in order to get away from crowded places and admire some marvelous monuments, such as the Pico Castelo Viewpoint (a fortress with great view), the stone house of Christopher Columbus in Vila Baleira and the Fonte Da Areia (a geological formation), while the uninhabited islets of Desertas and Savage will give you the peace you may seek.

Madeira is worth knowing and getting around. So, remember to take some pictures in front of Santa Maria, the functional replica of the original Columbus' ship and feel vindicated for the selection you have made!
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